Brain Growth & Development Is
What Childhood Is All About

3 Fundamental Basics

Although there’s more to learn, scientists already know these 3 fundamental basics.


The environment is
the builder of the brain

What the child experiences in the world around them and in their relationships becomes mapped  within their brain’s architecture as the norm for that child.


Children’s brains must have
secure environments

to mature into their full potentials. Physical or emotional childhood insecurity will disable full social-emotional brain development, making trust and generosity difficult.


Brains must have full-
dimensional sensory input

to pattern their brains appropriately.
That means that 2-dimensional input (virtual reality) is sub-par brain food. It is grossly insufficient and grossly overstimulating at the same time. It wrecks havoc, impairing development of imagination, social skills and reading skills, and more.

All the below resources support the importance of protecting and nurturing every child’s brain. There is no research to the contrary. The jury is in.