How to Turn Your Early Childcare Practice
into A Golden Rule School

What is the purpose of a Golden Rule School?

Humans today have a nearly universal brain disability. It is fixable, in one generation, through how we handle childhood.

We’ve had this perpetual social-emotional brain disability for so many generations that we all consider it to be normal. It greatly affects both our happiness and our health. And it is preventable through how we raise our children.

It is possible for every child to blossom into their full physical, social, and intellectual potential as a normal part of growing up.

This brain disability is sabotaging all our relationships — personal, professional, and political. Our children, our families, our schools, and are our workplaces are suffering from it. It is wreaking havoc with our economy, our democracy, and with the health of the planet itself.

This is what Golden Rule Schools are all about. The Golden Rule teaches us we are equal. Period. No exception. True as this is, we are not born knowing this. It is something we need to be taught, just like we need to be taught how to speak, read, and write.

Golden Rule Schools are where the understanding of our equality becomes deeply seeded. Coming to understand our absolute equality inoculates children against hierarchal attitudes and behaviors such as selfishness, greed, domination, and aggression — for life.

Golden Rule Schools are central to humanity’s brain healing. That is the purpose of Golden Rule Schools. Owl house is a model.